July 2, 2009

Stupid Tylenol

Well, it's 2:14 a.m. and here I am up...
Bug is teething. Working on her molars...again. And I'm out of my arsenol. I have given her 3 teething tablets (which are homepathic) to see if that will help. It doesn't seem to. I have her oragel...which I've already checked for things like lidocane. And even though I know there are problem with Tylenol, I don't really have another choice at the moment. I did give her half of a dose, though. We've fallen asleep in the rocker about 4 times so far. As soon as I stop rocking or try and put her back down in her crib she wakes up and screams. I've tried to give her some toast or a banana, but she doesn't want anything. And so I'm reduced to two options...wake up Lee and have him go get some baby Motrin or let her cry it out. Option one isn't a great one and so option 2 is my choice. I hate making her cry it out. I hate hate hate it. But it's been about 3 minutes since she's stopped. Hopefully she'll get through the night now...and the sippy cup full of milk won't rot her teeth....dang..I spoke too soon.

July 1, 2009

Silly Goose!

Today has been an explosion of language from Bug. Seems she always starts to doing something when I start to get worried.
I was walking out of their room and told her she was a silly goose. She said Silly Goose! When Dibs woke up she walked up to him and said "Good?" I always ask them if they had a good nap. A little while ago she wanted more milk in her cup I asked her to say Please. She followed me into the kitchen saying over and over (about 30 times by the time I was done) pease pease pease pease pease. She's been saying thanks for awhile now. She said "I see it!" "I did it". One time she said something that sounded like "I say!" But we're not sure about that unless she's channeling her Olde English relatives.
Dibs is pivoting all around in a circle and I don't think it will be long before he's scooting or crawling. It helps that for some reason Bug is crawling around. She thinks it's funny when I say "ohh are you my little baby again?" It's nice to see both kids progressing again. It's hard when we sit stagnant with everything from test results to authorizations to no new progress from the kids. Finally life feels as though it's moving again.

June 30, 2009


It seems as soon as I decide to start blogging again the Blogging Gods work against me. :) Things around here have gotten chaotic again, but this time it's not because of any sickness or doctor's appointments. It's just chaos.
Lee is off for the next two weeks. He keeps getting in trouble for not taking vacation..and yet he never has time to take vacation. We are planning to go to Utah in August. And we're going to Virginia for two weeks at Christmas time. Still, it's not enough. He'll probably take some time around the birthdays in October so he can spend time with us all.
Dibs is doing well in his therapy and is improving all the time. He gets really mad at his therapists but does what they want. I don't think he could handle more than an hour though.
Bug is starting to talk all the time. Last night when someone had some gas she looked at Daddy and said "POOP!" She also looks up at the trees and says TREE! And kitty, fluffy, and Pixie (our cat who is fluffy".
Last week we bought an inflatable pool. On Friday we finally tried it out. Bug was a little unsure at first but then decided that it was the most fun she'd had in a really long time. Who knew that getting in and out of a pool could be so much fun!?
This weekend P is coming up. We're really looking forward to seeing her. It's been a really long time since we've seen her last.