February 23, 2008

Turn Around

When Bug came into the world I certainly did not think that buying toys that she would like would be as difficult as buying toys both our cats would like. I keep hoping that she will grow into the toys we've got her so far.

However, when I was at the mall on Thursday looking for a different toy mom had pointed out to me I found a toy that I was sure bug would like. She has started kicking and bicycle riding with her legs. Unfortunately it seems the thing she likes to kick the most is my C-section scar...probably why it's not healing. This toy is called Miracles and Milestones Peek-A-Boo piano. It has five keys that will either play the correct piano tone, or each time she presses a key it starts a new song. Of course, being a pianist, I want my daughter to start playing as soon as possible...and I guess feet piano works too.

So, two nights ago, I researched around and found where the piano was the cheapest. K-Mart had it on sale. I was going to order it online but they were out. Apparently, it's rather popular. So yesterday Lee watched Bug and I ran to K-Mart. I know now why they are going out of business. I checked the baby section and also the toy section, quite thoroughly looking for it. There was an employee and I said "excuse me..do you work in toys?" which I thought was a pretty valid question since she was carrying a toy and in the toy section. She pretended to not hear me and walked right by me. So I went up to the Customer Care section. I asked the girl if they had it. I had called Lee ahead of time to get all the info I could from the website. She asked me if I had the UPC. I said no, and asked how I would have it. She said she had to have the UPC before she could look it up. I asked if she could look it up by the K-Mart number. She said no. That I needed to give her the UPC. I again asked how I would have it. She then called the North Hollywood store to see if they carried it. They said no. She came back and said they didn't have it either. So I asked for a raincheck. She asked if it was on sale. By this point I was ready to strangle her. I said yes. She asked for the sale paper. I walked out of the store at that point.

I stormed out of the store thinking about how aggravated I was with everything. How could someone be so rude to me!?! As I was pulling out and taking several deep breaths I saw a man across the street who was homeless and asking for money. Lee and I always try and give something to people like this. God has blessed us and changed our lives in experiences like this. Plus we know how blessed we truly are and how much we have. I pulled out into the street and decided that I would swing back around after I went to Target and see if he was still there. But after about two blocks and listening to God say "turn around NOW", I turned around. I dug around in my purse to grab the cash I had. I pulled into the parking lot he was at the edge of. While I was waiting behind the cars to get up to him, he looked at me and I motioned for him to come over. He pointed to himself to make sure that I really meant him. I nodded and he came up. I rolled down my window and gave him the money. He smiled and told me that Jesus loved me. And I told him that God loved him too. He told me that this was a temporary thing for him and that everything helped. He told me he wasn't drinking his money away. He was a recovering alcoholic and he wouldn't spend the money on alcohol, even though he could definately understand why so many homeless people were drunk all the time. I have always understood that as well. While I was talking to him two other people came and gave him money as well. God was so obviously watching out for this man. As I pulled out of CVS and drove towards Target, I reflected on how small my problems were. I had been upset because someone was unkind to me and that I couldn't find a toy for my baby. It was kind of like God was saying "shut up Angela." I felt quite selfish and asked God for His forgiveness and reflected on His love and His blessings for us.
So I then called Lee and told him I was going to Target. I found the piano, no problem and bought it. I paid more, but at this point I didn't mind. I brought it home and waited for Bug to wake up. When she did we fed her and then I showed it to her. She immediately figured it out and thinks it's the greatest thing ever!

I never know when God is going to speak to me. I never know when He's going to use me to bless His other children. I just pray that I can stay in tune enough and to be willing to hear His voice and to experience His love for His children.

February 22, 2008

You Know You're A Mummy When...

Well Bug has started getting on a schedule. It doesn't mean that she's sleeping through the night, but she is getting on a schedule.
Last night Lee watched her when I ran to the mall and Target to get some things. Lee has had a horrific week at work and so he stayed home and tried to relax. From the sound of things I don't think there was much relaxing to be done though. Around 9:45 pm he fed her a bottle and she fell asleep.
I have to have about 2 hours of sleep after I take my medication before I can wake up successfully so I waited for Bug to wake back up so I could feed her again and we could both go to sleep. That happened around 2am. By this point I'm wishing I had just taken my meds earlier. She woke up and I fed her and changed her and then she wanted to play. So we played for awhile. And then I started smelling a pretty foul odor. I changed her again (ewww). After all that I tried to put her on top of me so I could get her to sleep. And then she threw up all over me. I was wearing a tank top and so it went down my chest, down my back and into my hair. She seemed to think it was funny. So I ran upstairs, woke Lee up and had him wash my back in the places I couldn't reach. Put on clean PJ's and then came back downstairs. With two or three new burp cloths..just in case. :) Luckily she fell asleep, as did I within about 30 minutes after that.
As I fell asleep I just kind of smiled and laughed and thought...Welcome to Mummyhood.